Wealth Management

We offer clients a range of bespoke Investment, Asset Management and Wealth Solutions
in partnership with top private wealth managers Anchor Capital.

Bespoke Solutions

Offered in partnershipwith Anchor Capital.

Personal Share Portfolios

A range of Personal Share Portfolios tailored to your unique investment needs, providing access to both local and offshore markets.


These portfolios cater to a variety of investor needs from high-growth equity mandates, to income providing, lower-risk mandates, as well as Balanced and regulation 28 compliant offerings. We also provide tax-efficient structuring, derivatives and carry facilities.

Global Investment Solutions

Share portfolios and unit trusts giving you access to global markets including:


• Dollar-denominated offshore unit trusts across global equities, bonds and property

• Balanced offshore portfolios

• Global, aggressive equity portfolios

• Diversified global share portfolios with a focus on developed markets

Solutions for Young Investors

Anchor Aspirant is an offering targeted at younger investors – we design aggressive local and global equity portfolios, and communicate and educate in a manner tailored to the needs and risk profile of future high-net-worth individuals.


Aspirant is based on the belief that younger investors warrant the same level of investment expertise and service as is normally reserved for high-net-worth individuals.

Unit Trusts

Anchor has a range of Collective Investment Schemes (“CIS” or “Unit Trusts”) to meet client needs across asset classes and risk spectrums, from cash plus mandates domestically to global equity.


The key advantage of CIS funds is tax efficiency and the ability to contribute relatively small sums on an ongoing or ad hoc basis, while still gaining access to a professional investment service.

Hedge Funds

There is more than one definition of a hedge fund, and therefore investors have varying perceptions of the risk and reward they will experience in a hedge fund.


At Anchor we inherently believe in the role a hedge fund can play in diversifying the returns available from other South African assets, as part of an overall asset allocation.


Depending on the risk appetite of the client the mandate of the hedge fund can be specifically structured.

Multi-Managed Solutions

Anchor offers a range of multi-managed funds, blending large managers with boutique managers and active strategies with passive investment instruments.


Managers are selected based on industry leading quantitative analysis, supplemented by qualitative reviews. We are able to blend complimentary managers into solutions that provide the relevant portfolio's return target, ensuring risk diversification without sacrificing returns in the process.

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